Should You Hire Jamaica Plain Property Maintenance Services?

property maintenance jamaica plainWhile there are many commercial properties that do their own in-house maintenance services, more companies today are looking into outsourcing their commercial property maintenance to a professional company. Property managers in the Greater Boston area can benefit when they hire All Around Management to take care of Jamaica Plain property maintenance and other essential services. Investing in commercial property means more than just buying it, cleaning it up between tenants, and then renting it out again. Greater Boston commercial maintenance can be very time consuming, but the goal is to provide a quality space for your tenants to reduce turnover and guarantee regular rent payments.

Happy Tenants = Full Property

The best way to avoid vacant spaces that just sit there month after month not earning you a dollar is to keep your existing tenants happy. If you simply do your job, maintain the property, and take care of issues as they arise, you will have happy tenants. Studies show that happy tenants are as much as three times as likely to renew a lease as tenants who are only moderately satisfied. There are lots of things that property managers in Greater Boston can do to create a happy tenant situation, and it all starts with quality commercial property maintenance.

  • Safety First – There are a few things that must be done to guarantee the safety of the property. Security cameras or a security team, depending on the size and nature of your commercial property, can be a huge selling point and also work to protect your building from vandalism and other threats. Make sure to inspect the exterior of your property in the daylight and at night, to ensure that all of the lights are working on the buildings and in the parking areas for the safety of your tenants and their customers or visitors. Effectively maintaining the property to reduce liability risks associated with damaged stairs, non-working elevators, issues with buckling in the parking lot, and dangerous overgrowth of trees or shrubbery that could attract theft or wild animal infestations.
  • Communication -Be a good communicator. Stay in touch with your tenants; don’t just rent the space and hope they don’t move out when the lease is up. You don’t have to be best friends with your tenants, but opening up the lines of communication is a win-win situation for everyone involved. You should be professional, but approachable, so you can provide services and assistance as needed when something goes wrong. It is better to get a friendly contact from a tenant in need than to get complaints made to the city or online about the poor quality of your commercial property.
  • Clean and Maintain – Depending on the type of property that you own, you might be on the hook for cleaning and maintaining common areas, parking lots and garages, as well as other areas surrounding the structure. Jamaica Plain property maintenance can include things like window-cleaning, light bulb changing, and trash removal. It can also be more extensive and be more focused on taking care of work orders and general property maintenance. Even if you have in-house crews to take care of the bulk of the work, property managers in Greater Boston areas might also need short-term help or project-specific assistance to ensure that all work is completed.

Upgrade and Remodel

As tenants move out, take time to upgrade and remodel the space to best meet the needs of today’s technology-driven businesses. Making improvements to the number of electrical outlets, offering custom fit-outs for office space, and repainting a vacant space to a more neutral palette can help you to rent the space back out again even faster. Choose your projects for commercial property maintenance carefully to reduce downtime so your space will be ready for new tenants to move into as soon as possible.

Ensure that all HVAC equipment, emergency equipment, and fire safety gear is up to code and replace anything that is expired. The more you can do when the unit is empty, the easier it will be to keep your property maintained with improvements, including functional and cosmetic features. Fresh landscaping and paved parking areas make a solid first impression for tenants and customers alike. Take time to invest in your property, and you will get a significant return on your investment.

Call All Around Management for Greater Boston commercial maintenance. You can reach our team by calling 617-435-6201. We can answer any questions you might have about renovations, preventive maintenance, and ongoing upgrades and repairs. Call today for a FREE estimate for property managers in Greater Boston communities, both for commercial office or retail space and residential properties.